Website Development for and Independent Movie

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Teaser 1

On a multi-platform video player.

Teaser 2

3 teasers are available on the site.

High Definition Mode

The site offers two qualities for each teaser in order to adapt to the performance of the visitor's machine.

Social Sharing Tools

The site offers a wide range of social sharing tools, from buttons for sharing on social networks to link sending via email directly from the player.


The site offers a menu that shifts the site up as it opens.


The menu provides access to details about the film.

Contact Page

A contact form allows a visitor to send message directly from the site.


As young directors of independant movies, Michael Mackenzie and Tony Dupcinov sign one of their first major movies with Wasteland. The synopsis mixes drugs, scams and chaotic situations and is set in Melbourne, a cosmopolitan city of South Autralia. In order to give more visibility to the movie during an independant film festivals, it was essential for them to show the trailer of their movie online through a dedicated website.


To address this challenge, a website with three different teasers in high and low definitions has been created. The web design reflects the offbeat spirit and corrosive nature of the film. In terms of technology, the player jwplayer  was chosen for its popularity and its integrated sharing system for social networks. An add this module was also added for those who prefer a more traditional method of sharing. The synopsis, credits and a contact form are available in a footer that unwraps up the whole page. For the curious, the film is now available online.

Project Details

Delivery DateJuly 2010
Activity SectorIndependent Movie