Shake the Habit !

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Home Page / Login

The application requires users to login before they can have access to their account and data.

Informative and Explanatory Pages

Content pages allows the visitor to increase his awareness on the risks caused by the overconsumption of sodium and explains how the program works.

Web Application Structure

The web application is divided in 3 parts : the first one for account management, the second to insert consumption data on a daily basis and the last to show the evolution of sodium intake over a given period.

The Sodium Calculator

The application features a tool for inserting food items eaten for each meal of the day.

The Sodium Calculator (Item Adding)

The system includes a database of categorized food items to record what was eaten during breakfast, lunch, dinner or through snacking.


It is possible to display data from a particular month in calendar form.


Data is displayed via tables, pie charts, line charts and histograms.


The ShakeTheHabit service is a web application that allows its users to keep track of their daily sodium consumption. It was only recently discovered that overconsumption of salt (which contains sodium) increases the risks of cardio-vascular accidents and contrary to food intake measurement solutions, there was no mordern mean to follow sodium consumption.

The site's design was provided by the client while the application was developped in partnership with ZenData, a canadian web marketing compagny, ShakeTheHabit offers its users a simple tool that allows them to build their meals from a list of preexisting food items and to consult statistics on the evolution of their sodium intake like for example, the meal of day of the week at which most sodium was absorbed in order to better target efforts. For cases where a food item was not available on the list built-in the service, it is always possible to define a custom one.

To this day, the service is used by more than a 1000 users with a database of more than 2000 food items.



The project being a very complex application implicating many stakeholders and data processes; a fair amount of time was dedicated to planification in order to better capture the requirements. Many flow charts, class diagrams and use case diagrams were drawed and discussed about before all stakeholder came to an agreement on the architecture of the application.

The principal challenge of the application lied in the presence of many data charts such as line charts, histograms and pie charts; the latter which had to be generated using complex data queries.

Once the interface was complete, a script was written to allow the client to add its own food items but also to facilitate the importation of the first thousand items.

That done, the application was toroughly tested before being submitted for the client's evaluation and publication.

Project Details

Delivery DateDecember 2011
Activity SectorMedical
LanguageFrench, English
Engine Version1.0