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Implementation of graphic invariants for a product pageTV Suscriptions InsertsPromotional InsertsRedrawing and Refreshing of the Logo

Implementation of graphic invariants for a product page

The model of a "typical product page" was clarified and the graphics variants and invariants were identified.

TV Suscriptions Inserts

Specific inserts have been created for to certain types of products.

Promotional Inserts

Flash or Gif animated inserts were created for the index page or for special events such as Christmas time or sales.

Redrawing and Refreshing of the Logo

The only available source for the logo was a low resolution image. The re-vectoring was the opportunity to refresh its design.

Context, an online store, offers a wide array of channel packages subscriptions cards for satellite television. In 2008, the site featured mostly static data, was lacking animation and presented disorganized content, both logically and visually, by not having a proper data structure and graphic charter. The mission was to define and apply invariant composition principles to clearly organise very technical content all while giving a promotional feeling to the ensemble. The website's natural referencing also was improved.


During many months of hard work, many transformations were made on the site. A template page to present the products was conceived and articulated around the many aspects of the later; channels included in the offer displayed as screenshots through technical caracteristics of the subscription. The logo was cleaned up. A lot of work was put into editing text contents and on the HTML code structure to facilitate natural referencing, followed by the configuration and tuning of a Google Adwords campaign. Many flash animations were created to showcase not only the subscriptions but also the decoders and TVs available on the site all while putting emphasis on the quality of service.

Project Details

Delivery DateJanuary 2009
Activity SectorE-Commerce
LanguageFrench, English, Spanish