Trattoria Bocconi v2

Modeling and Development of a Web Site + Business Cards

Home PageRestaurant OverviewThe Restaurant's MenusA MenuZoom on a dishAccess Maps and Monuments aroundBusiness Cards

Home Page

The home page scrolls four panels to showcase the different parts of the website.

Restaurant Overview

Drawing inspiration from the home page, the animation displays five texts that present the restaurant.

The Restaurant's Menus

The restaurant's menus page is a portal that allows the visitor to pick a section via an animated menu.

A Menu

Once inside a menu, a menu on the left enables navigation between different categories. On the right is the menu that displays the restaurant's other menus.

Zoom on a dish

Some dishes feature a high resolution picture.

Access Maps and Monuments around

A series of Google Maps™ display interactive plans for access by metro, car, or tourist attractions in the vicinity of the restaurant.

Business Cards

A business card has been designed with inspiration from the colors of the restaurant and a painting exhibited in the dining room.


An italian restaurant in the Champs Élysées, the Trattoria Boccini is one of those establishments that must present an image befitting to its food offerings. The first version of their website, realized by this agency, was built upon flash and no longer met today's technological and esthetical standards; flash is hard to index by search engines and does not work on iOS platforms. After three years of services, the first version of the Trattoria Bocconi's website was in great need of modernisation. The new site had to reuse all the range of photos and texts created and edited for the original website and display them within a menu system along the rest of the content in three languages: French, English and Italian.


The conception of the second version began with a visit of the restaurant in order to draw inspirations from its atmosphere and identify the elements to put forward within the site so that they could later be captured in images by a photograph

Secondly, a system allowing the management of all the restaurant's menu was developped. This system had to facilitate the organization of all items in their respective menus (ex: drinks, deserts, entrées) and subsequently in categories (ex: fish, meat, pasta). The price, the description and the availability of each item could then be adjusted along with an associated image.

.With the content and design in place, the site's text was translated to English by ourselves. The final touch: an interactive map permitting not only to localize it near the Champs Élysée but also to visualize the interesting sights around for the digestive stroll.

Project Details

Delivery DateFebruary 2012
Activity SectorItalian Gastronomy
LanguageFrench, English, Italian
Engine Version1.1b