Talbot Walsh

Communication Strategy + Graphic Charter + Website

Visual IdentityProfessional Graphic CharterMain Portal (Index Page)Targeted PortalProduct CatalogProduct PageDynamic PDF download

Visual Identity

To clearly identify and separate the variate targets of the different product offerings, three sub-brands were created around the main logo.

Professional Graphic Charter

A document outlining the communication strategy and the various graphic signs created for the company has been realized.

Main Portal (Index Page)

Portals all display a slideshow of their flagship products, a presentation text and the latest updates to their offerings.

Targeted Portal

The website has 3 portals targeted to industrial, corporate and general public (design). Each has content specific to their market.

Product Catalog

The site features a complete product catalog articulating categories, markets, and custom technical descriptions.

Product Page

Each product can be edited via the admin interface, where it is possible to edit text and images as well as technical informations for the product.

Dynamic PDF download

It is possible to download a product sheet in PDF format. The design of the pdf file is custom made and reuses the contact information of the company and a QR code to link to the product page on the web.


Talbot Walsh is a small company of a dozen of ten or so people specializing in metal engraving, signs, plaques and more recently the creation of personalized mailboxes and engraved decorative panels. Their offices and workshop are located in a nearby suburb of Perth, capital of Western Autralia.

In January 2011, the visual communication of Talbot Walsh was characterized by a "home-made" logo and website. In addition, the target was not clearly identified.

A review of the communication strategy and redesign graphic lines on all media (print and web) should be undertaken. More work website promotion should be done post-production.

After several discussions on the strategy of communciation, 3 targets were identified:

  • A target said "industrial": in demand of signs for construction sites and registration of machinery and mainly embodied in the mining sector. It occupies the largest share of activity of Talbot Walsh.
  • A target said "corporate": brings together entrepreneurs and professionals in need of specialized signs or a medium of communication in metal or plastic.
  • A target called "general public": for products including custom mailboxes and decorative panels.


To address this issue of communication, three distinct brands were created:

  • Talbot Industrial Walsh
  • Talbot Walsh Corporate
  • Tablot Walsh Design

They will allow the adaptation of the communication according to the target and allow it to identify itself more easily to the different services offered by Talbot Walsh. A complete graphic charter was made around the three brands and a main logo of the company. For the sake of continuity, the colors red, gray and black have been preserved.

In a second step, the site was completely redesigned by following the new graphic charter. Always with the aim of guiding the right target to the right product, a portal by sector was created. Amongst other things are found in the website: a complete catalog, the possibility to download products description in pdf format, a system of registration for recieving newsletters and e-mails specifically designed depending on the target .

Finally, a Google Analytics campaign was conducted for several months to promote the new version of the website.

Project Details

Delivery DateJune 2011
Activity SectorEngraving and Signs
Engine Version0.1