Engine The Arza Studio Framework




The Yii framework, the foundation on which the Engine was developed, was chosen not only for its flexiblity but also for its speed. During the development of the Engine, Yii's working principles were carefully followed so as to take advantage of all the optimization mechanisms available.

Included with the Engine is a powerful caching technology that minimizes interactions with the database which results in increased responsiveness of the website as well as fast and efficient content delivery. For the website owner, this is transposed into an enjoyable browsing for its visitors and decreased cost of ownership.

The developer/graphic-designer association has allowed ARZA STUDIO to combine aestethics and engineering and is most present in the construction of the Engine. Beginning with project management that rivals the industry's best practices, the source code of the Engine benefits from an object oriented structure built, programmed and commented with care and efficienfy in mind.