Isabelle Archambault Mayer

Design and Development of a Website for a Massage-therapist

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Index Page

The home page offers a welcome text, a portrait of the massage-therapist and a dynamic insert to inform visitors about the next training session.

Content Page

The administration of the site has control over variable components of any page of the site. It possible to modify: title, text, colour, background image, sub-menus, meta-data, etc.

Training Seminars

A management system was implemented for the training seminars. It communicates the necessary information: date, price, theme, arrival, etc.


The site proposes a photo gallery for each training seminar.

Registration Form

Directly from the site, it is possible to register to a seminar by filling up a form.

My Journey

The "My Journey" page is an example of a format adapted for the display of a single text.


The "Access" page presents a Google Map allowing to easily situate the practice.


Isabelle offers you to experiment the techniques of massage-therapy, of art-therapy and of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). She proposes individual sessions, workshops, group trainings and courses on massages for babies. For the version 2 of her website, the in-depth administration of the content, the appearence of the site, and it's natural ability to be referenced on search engines were in the center of focus.


In order to give Isabelle maximal control over the content of her site, the latter was developed on the version 0.1 of the Engine. This allowed an in-depth administration of the interface parameters up to the choice of a colour per page. The metadatas of the site are also customizable and important elements of the HTML code are automatically generated according to the content in order to allow a optimal indexing. Finally, an online registration system for training seminars was added.

Project Details

Delivery DateJuly 2011
Activity SectorMassage-therapy / Art-therapy
Engine Version0.1