David Lalubin

Creation and development of a web site for a book binding artist

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Home page

The home page proposes a video showcasing three masterpieces from the artist as well as a welcome text.


The "Qui suis-je" page presents David Lalubin along with a series of potraits of him.


The services page displays the different offerings of the book-binding artist.


The gallery is the single most important part of the website. It presents the different book-binding pieces of David Lalubin by detailing their titles, date and dimensions. Many pictures may exist for a book-binding work.

High Definition Zoom

A view of the images in high definition is made available to let the visitor appreciate the details of each piece.

All the book-bindings

On top of a "previous/next" way of browsing, a grid gives access to a particular book.

Contact Page

A contact form is available to let visitors safely send a message to the artist.


Artisan-binder, David Lalubin creates work of all kinds: novels, illustrated books, wedding photo albums, guestbook, etc. He works on the binding in a way that enhances the book's appearance, either for when it is displayed in a window or when only the back is visible in a library. He offers a range of services like the creation of unique pieces, the restoration of bindings and series of creation. Among his rich and diverse references, creations dedicated to Jean-Paul Gaulthier and Louis Vuitton can be found.


The idea here was to create a website portfolio reflecting the richness and quality of the David Lalubin creations. Therefore, the graphics of the website were inspired by a centerpiece of his collection: a binder for "Memory of Fashion" by Farid Chenoune devoted to Jean-Paul Gaultier. For the occasion, the logo was redesigned. The artisan often traveling to London, it was agreed that a bilingual website was required. The site is thus managing two languages: French and English. The version 2 of the site for David Lalubin also has a content management system running on the version 0.1 of the Engine.

Project Details

Delivery DateAugust 2009
Activity SectorBook Binding Art
LanguageFrench, English
Engine Version0.1