Communication Project Around a Made-to-Order Clothing Brand

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Index Page

The site is browsed in an horizontal fashion. The index page presents the brand and lists the different parts of the website.


The site proposes the visitor to browse the different models by collection like they would browse a wardrobe in a store.

Model Details

If a particular model is clicked, a zoom is triggered for presenting the name, the different parts and its price.

Order Form

It is possible to make an order through a complete forms that allows the specification of all the measurements that are necessary for the crafting of a custom garment.

Business Cards.

A model of business card inspired from the design of the website was created.


Two flyers were designed for the "Nuit Demonia". Inspired from the "passionate and hidden" sentiment that permeates the fetish world, the minimalist them underlines the "haute couture" aspect.


Edition of the book was realized around bookbinding created by David Lalubin for the brand. Its content presents the very last collection. The book was made in order to be displayed in-store.


Almut Stahl is a german stylist. In 2000, she created Medusa, a tailor-made clothing brand inspired by the fetish movement. The brand's image draws its essence in greek mythology's famous monsters such as Medusa. As years progress, Almut Stahl develops her style around animal materials; playing with contrasts between antagonist fabrics, matte and luminous, masculine and feminine, all while blending nostalgia and modernity.

To this point, she created on order only, but 2009 marks the start of her own haute-couture fashion collection. The need to communicate this project to a broader audience is becoming a must. The mission is simple: to vehiculate Medusa's image to its very underground audience while avoiding the clichés of the fetish world.


After many meetings to discuss the communication strategy, it was decided to work on many media. On the print side, a business card sporting the logo and colors of the website was created for person-to-person prospection. A flyer was printed for distribution during Nuit Démonia, a major event on the parisian fetish scene. Finally, a book was editited together with David Lalubin to create a book-object to present her new collection. All those supports were referencing to the website mé, which was also developped by ourselves. There, the brand was presentend, the different collections detailed and it was even possible to place an online order with sizes and mensurations. Active for two years, the site is no longer online. 

Project Details

Delivery DateJune 2009
Activity SectorFashion / Haute Couture
LanguageFrench, English, German