Website Development and Integration

Index PageContent PageInteractive MapSchool PageDocumentation FormBlog PostContact Form

Index Page

The index page is organised around blocs defined within the site's administrative interface. It includes a widget that displays the last posts from the different schools.

Content Page

The graphical charter of the content page is easily reused through the presence of styling in the text editors within the administration interface.

Interactive Map

On the school page is found an interactive map of France coded in JavaScript. The content of the links and their position on the map are user-defined.

School Page

A school's page offers a configurable and dynamic Google map, a widget displaying the last posts from this school and a card giving out the contact details of a principal in the vCard format.

Documentation Form

The subscription package request form is an example of custom application development. Potential students enter their contact details and upon submission, they receive a documentation PDF tailored to their scholar situation while their data is saved in an external database.

Blog Post

On this website the blog module is configured to operate in a multi-blog mode, where each school gets its own separate blog.

Contact Form

The contact form allows the user to send a message to a specific school by first completing a captcha security check.


This site was designed and imagined by the agency Changer d'Air (changerdair.fr), which  assigned the technical implementation and development to Arza Studio.

The Écoles Françaises Supérieures des Opticiens (French superior school of opticians) are private schools specialized in optics established in Bordeaux, Dijon, Lyon, Montpellier and Reims.


The goal was to develop a site making use of modern technologies combining HTML/CSS/JavaSript  for flexibility and maximized compatibility on all platforms and Engine/PHP/MySQL for the dynamization and the administration of the site's content.

In order to preserve the animated aspect of the first version, a series of JavaScript animations were created to give off a subtle touch of movement to each page.

The independant administration of every school and its respective blog was implemented using  a  role based access control system that allows administrators to create user accounts for specific tasks. Every part of the administration interface was customized for the EFSO to the point of making independent management of every piece of media (images, schools, blogs, ...) possible.

A complete documentation request form was programmed and coupled with an external database. To prevent abuse, a captcha was also added.

Project Details

Delivery DateJune 2012
Activity SectorOptician school
Engine Version1.1.1