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Google Adwords Campaign Creation

Google Adwords Campaign Creation


Google Adwords is a reference in online advertising. It presents visitors with advertisements or banners that are targeted towards certain keywords typed by the users or that match his browsing interests and behaviors.

The online management system of Google Adwords allows almost instant return in investment thanks to real-time publishing of statistical data and the possibility to evaluate conversions, or the rate at which clicks on the ads translate to sales, form submissions or page reads.

We offer the installation and setup of this tool for any web site. This comprises a meeting to discuss the advertisement strategy that should be followed, the setup of a campaign and follow-ups during a set period.


The setup of a Google Adwords advertising campaign in details:

  • The communication strategy defines how the campaign will be setup, how different advertisment groups will be organized, which keywords will be used, which pages will be targeted, etc.
  • The creation of a Google Adwords account allows the setup of the aforementionned campaign.
  • The follow-ups of a campaign is necessary in order to perfect the tuning of the advertisment groups according to statistics on their effectiveness. Many operations can be carried out to make a campaign evolve like the creation of animated banners. This follow-up is done through a maintenance contract.