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Avertisements<br /> Flyers / Posters


We manage your marketing campaign in the rules of the art. After an interview in which are discussed the issues concerning the communication strategy, the work of the graphic designer can be structured in a linear fashion by developing a single axis or by stages of creation, combining:

  • The research phase, during which is proposed a series of graphic researches. The result in the research phase is a unfinished product.
  • The development phase, during which a series of graphic declinations around the path validated during the first phase are proposed.
  • The finalization settles the final details of the ad, poster and / or flyer.

We do the graphic modelling and follow the printing.


Some details about the process of a advertising campaign:

  • A communication strategy defines context, target, market positioning, and the lines of communication to consider. Depending on the scope of the project a complete copy strategy can be achieved.
  • During a linear creative approach,  a semi-accomplished proposal is developed to client's satisfaction, then finalized for printing.
  • During a multi-step creative approach, most relevant for larger scale projetcs:
    • The research phase proposes around three axes, different design ideas without seeking a finilized result. These axes define a conceptual line. If the client is satisfied with none of the ideas proposed, two additional lines of research can be made.
    • After selecting an idea in the research phase, the development phase will enable its declination in a more complete fashion until satistifaction of the client. Generally three choices of declinations suffice. If the client is satisfied with none of the ideas proposed, two additional declinations can be made.
    • The finalization phase takes care of the final graphics fixing and details, and checks the quality in different settings (size, color / black and white).
  • A document ready for printing is delivered to the client.
  • We manage the printing from order to delivery. Billing is done under the name of client.
  • The transfer of creation rights is charged separately for a symbolic amount at the end of the project.