Referencing (SEO)

Link Sharing Campaign (Backlinks)

Link Sharing Campaign (Backlinks)


The rule is simple: the more links on the web that points to a web page, the better it will be indexed on search engines. To put it into execution, a technique called link sharing is used and consists of posting a link that points to a page on your site on renowned sites that will naturally promote it. In the case of a directory or an indexing site, a link will be placed on your site in return. This exchange can also be done with friend sites.

We offer a range of services around the establishment of link sharing:

  • The creation of a links catalog on your website that allows you to manage the development of links sharing and organize them by category (Friends, Suppliers, directories, ...) on your site.
  • Writing a sharing data model such as a descriptive text rich in keywords and less than 250 characters.
  • The registration on serious and renowned indexing sites.


Here are the details of the services that we can provide:
  • Integration of the links module to manage a list of links on your website.
  • Writing the details and description of a website.
    • A keyword rich text of less than 140 characters.
    • A keyword rich text of less than 250 characters.
    • A keyword rich text of less than 1000 characters.
    • A list of keywords ranked in order of importance.
    • The creation of a txt file (seo.txt) on the root of the client server containing all the data ready to be copied to the registration forms of indexing sites.
  • Registration of the website on the DMOZ Open Directory Project 
  • Registration of on renowned general directories such as Web Info Rank, IndeXweb.