Antoine Mercier-Linteau
Developer, Engineer

Antoine Mercier-Linteau : Developer, Engineer

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45, rue des Lilas
J3V 2R8 Saint-Bruno, Québec, Canada

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45, rue des Lilas
J3V 2R8 Saint-Bruno, Québec, Canada


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Antoine Mercier-Linteau completes his studies in computer engineering with a specialization in software in 2008. He then works for the Canadian Forces as a project manager and life-cycle manager for a diverse array of systems such as financial or networking. He will perfect his english there and is today perfectly bilingual. He joins ARZA STUDIO in the summer of 2011 where he brings expertise in complex application development with C/C++, Python, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Java, etc. Parallel to his main occupation and too passionate about technology to take a break in the evening, he works on numerous projects like sound amplifiers, embedded systems and web content managers.

Skills and Expertise

Computer Engineering

  • Engineering process adapted to software development.
  • Project management.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Validation and Verification.


  • Masters the most popular IDEs.
  • Presentation languages: HTML 4, CSS 3.
  • Programming languages: C/C++, Python, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Java.
  • Databases : MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Masters object oriented and procedual programming.
  • Masters diverse frameworks such as Yii, Django and .NET.
  • Knowledge in 3D application development.
  • Knowledge in development of real-time systems.


  • Knowledge in analog and digital circuit design.
  • Masters computer architecture.
  • Knowledge in embedded systems.


  • Masters the most popular operating systems and most specifically Linux.
  • Knowledge of computer hardware and its market.
  • Masters networking and servers.