Graphic Design

Professional Business Cards

Professional Business Cards


A professional business card deserves professional graphics. We propose adapting your graphic charter on the most convenient paper support for your communication needs. This is an opportunity to demonstrate originality by using shaping techniques (crimps, cuts, folds, inks tones, selective varnish, ...), or graphic biases to take this traditional communication object out of its usual monotony.

We do the graphic modelling and follow the printing.


Some details about the process of making a card:
  • Up to 3 ideas can be proposed during the model making of the business card in the format chosen by the client.
  • Declinations of formats are possible.
  • A document ready for printing is delivered.
  • We manage printing from order to delivery. Billing is done under the name of the client.
  • We carry out on order the declinations of the coordonates.
  • The transfer of creation rights is charged separately for a symbolic amount at the end of the project.