Antoine Wolff
Graphic designer, Web designer, Developer

Antoine Wolff : Graphic designer, Web designer, Developer

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Lieu-dit "Combefens", route du Trincou
81120 Poulan Pouzols, France

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15, Chemin de Pascot
33360 Latresne, France


498 471 242 00020 (SIRET)


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With a degree in applied arts and a superior technician in visual communication specialized in graphic design, edition and publicity, Antoine Wolff completes its studies in 2006. That same year, he creates and becomes manager of ARZA STUDIO. He will work under its corporate structure until 2010 before becoming self-employed.

In parallel with his studies, he invests himself into learning web development as soon as 2005 and today masters HTML/CSS/JavaScript and PHP/MySQL.

In 2009, he leaves France for a journey that will take him to many foreign countries, most notably Australia where he will perfect his English.

In 2011, he associates himself with Antoine Mercier-Linteau. With him he starts the development of the Engine, a framework for the creation of customized web applications and in the process learns many development techniques like project management (using redmine) and code versionning (with subversion).

Skills and Expertise

Graphic design

  • Diploma : BAC STI Applied Arts.
  • Diploma : BTS Visual Communication (Graphic Design Option, Edition, Publicity).
  • Knowledge of techniques related to the creation process: stategical copy, brain storming, creation steps, etc.
  • Knowledge of printing techniques and papers.
  • Experience with publicity on vehicles and buildings.

Communication Strategy Consulting

  •  Analytical capabilities of the context, the target and consummer benefits for tailoring the communication approach.

Image and Vectorial Processing

  • Masters the most popular tools: image correction, illustrations, web-design, vectorial imaging.
  • Knowledge in video and sound editing.

Web Development

  • Masters the most popular IDEs.
  • Presentation languages: HTML 4, CSS 3
  • Programming languages: JavaScript,  PHP,  SQL, ActionScript 2 & 3.
  • Databases: MySQL
  • Masters the MVC model.
  • Knowledge of the Yii framework.

Referencing (SEO)

  • Creation of Google Adwords campaigns.
  • Creation of publicity banners.
  • Optimization of web content.


  • Knowledge of the most popular personnal computer operating systems.
  • Knowledge of sofware and hardware maintenance.


  • Interventions and teaching in BAC STI Applied Arts and Applied Arts update (MANAA). 
  • Examinations jury: Professional projects in Visual Communication BTS.