Web Site Development

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine <br />Optimization


During the development phase and website integration, a series of adjustments and checks on the structural quality of the code as well as custom an automated editing of meta-data are made in order to ensure optimal SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO also involves the implementation of automated filling of meta information (page description, keywords, sharing on social networks) to release the clients from the task of editing an updtating those fields. 


List of operations performed during the SEO:

  • Setting and verification of the proper structuring of level tags (h1, h2, h3, p, li) on different types of pages.
  • Setting and verification of the title attribute on the link tags.
  • Setting and verification of the alt attribute on image tags.
  • Setting and verification of the composition of the title tag (title of the page on the browser) on different types of pages.
  • Setting and verification the contents of the description and keywords tags on different types of pages.
  • Use of microformats, for example, the address tag.
  • Validation of the W3C standard on the HTML code of the website (the standard is not valid for all modern web technology, full validation is not provided, however we are committed to the W3C standard to the extent of the constraints by the application).
  • Deactivation and verification of the "www" to avoid duplicate content.
  • Setting and verification of canonicals link tags for duplicate content.
  • Setting and verification of the 301 redirections for multi-domain sites.