Réseau Tripalium

Website and communication for a non-profit organization

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Home page

Responsive home page with SVG graphical elements that presents the main content categories in a succession of blocs.

Home page blocks

Each home page block is attached to the main menu at the top of the page.


The association can present its news with the help of a blog module.

Formations module

A custom module for managing the creation and registration to formations was developed.

Formation view

View of a page that presents a formation and through which users can register.

Windmill list

Page that presents a list of a all windmills that were registered on the site by their owners.

Content page

The site features numerous content pages allowing visitors to document themselves about the activities and projects of the association.


Launched in 2007, the tripalium association is a non-profit organization that offers formations on DIY windmill building. Rapidly upon launch, it had designed its own website, but quickly it had become too simple and obsolete for its needs. The association then contracted Arza Studio with the mandate to design and implements a modern site aroud which a community of windmill users and builders could organize.


The website had three main objectives:

  1. the publication of the manual and resources of the organization;
  2. the creation and the registration to the formations that it offers across France;
  3. the support and creation of a community of DIY windmill users.

All the features of the Engine were thus put to contribution to create numerous modules allowing users to interact with the services the organization offers, but also to allow administrators of the site to support their community and manage formations. A visitor can then create an account, register on a formation, add a windmill and mange its maintenance operations all within the same interface.

On the design side of things, the site was implemented using the latest responsive technologies with SVG graphics to allow the seamless display of the site on mobile platforms and home computers.

Project Details

Delivery DateDecember 2014
Engine Version1.3.2