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The home page is simple yet functional and integrates the major themes of the site.


The company's offerings are complex and diversified, this is why a product page broken down in categories was created.


CPA-ERP, a canadian software company, had already enjoyed a presence on the web for numerous years. However, the website had been put together in a hurry by the company and despite being quite complete when it came to providing information, was unilingual and presented important styling and ergonomic issues, especially when compared to its competitors in the field.

Wanting to improve its presence in the municipal market, the new was to present the company as the best option for their software needs. The enterprise then initiated a modernization projet of its image by contracting the services of Signature Mercier for the graphic design and Arza Studio for the web site.


The client, himself in the business of software, had strict requirements when it came to the quality of the end-product. Its clients, themselves also very knowledgeable in the domain, could not be left dissapointed by the new website. As a consequence, all means were mobilized to develop and implement a that made use of the latest web technologies, with optimized caching for fast page-loads all while keeping compatibility a priority, as public organisations tend not to use the very last browsers on their machines.

Catering to government and municipal levels in Canada, the website can display itself in both official languages (French and English). To further the municipal theme of the site, a changing background that adjusts itself to the visitor's display size was implemented to display professional images of great Canadian cities and world capitals.

Project Details

Delivery DateMay 2013
Activity SectorSoftware
LanguageFrench, English
Engine Version1.2.1