Ananda Ayurveda

Creation of a Website for an Ayurvedic Massage Therapist

Creation of a visual identityHome pageServices / pricesServices pageAyurvedic libraryLinks pageContact form

Creation of a visual identity

Creation of a logo inspired by a photo of a hand of Shiva. The pattern is based on fabrics the customer affectionates.

Home page

The site allows the administration of the background image of the page. The gradient treatment is done automatically. The body offers different styles of boxes.

Services / prices

The website offers a customized management of the services offered by Ananda Ayurveda.

Services page

The page template for a service offers custom fields such as: the duration of the service, the etymology of its name, or if a warning message should be displayed.

Ayurvedic library

A bibliographic references module has been integrated into the site. It allows the management of a catalog of categorized books.

Links page

The links module manages a categorized website reference list. This page presents the advantage of integrating the all links on one page, making link exchange easier.

Contact form

The contact form allows to send a message directly from the website.


At the beginning of July 2012, Anada Ayurveda was in dire need of a web communication platform, even basic, in order to launch her business. At a graphical level, the site's style was to be inspired from colors and patterns from India and its hindi traditional culture, all while featuring a contemporary design.

The site had to organise presentation pages, a services catalogue, links, bibliographical references, a contact form, a blog and social sharing tools.


To answer the urgent need of publishing information about her activities, we offered Ananda Ayurveda to build her a first website within a two weeks delay. This first version had to be as simple as possible and as such did not allow its content to be modified dynamically. Once online, the website offered access to a complete array of information regarding the provided services.

This temporary website allowed us to develop during the following months a vestly improved second version. After a logo research inspired from graphical elements previously used, a graphic model was proposed and validated. The general style of the site draws inspiration from colors commonly found in the hindu culture: blues, reds, yellowsand ochres; and oriental graphical codes: lotus flowers, arcades and asian fonts.

The final website integrates a custom service offering management system and a blog with RSS, ATOM 1 and 2 flux. Complete but simple tools for social sharing were added to the footer of the site.

Project Details

Delivery DateNovember 2012
Activity SectorIndian Ayurvedic tradition massages
Engine Version1.2