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The Yii framework

The Yii framework


Yii is a modern framework specially conceived for developping web 2.0 applications. Fast, secure and professional, Yii enjoys regular updates and support from an ever expanding community of developpers.

As well as being thoroughly documented by wikisbooks and manuals, Yii is open-source, which means anyone is free to download its source code in order to get insight on how it works or to modify it. This does not mean that anybody is able to contribute, all the contrary, Yii is being developped by an experimented team who all have contributed to various other framework projects and every one of its versions is published only after very strict quality control.

As for the Engine, Yii provides it with a solid foundation and imposes an efficient and easy to understand development logic in order to guarantee Arza Studio's clients complete control of their websites and the possbility of hiring someone else to do maintenance should the need arise.