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Compatibility Verification

Compatibility<br /> Verification


During the verification phase, tests are performed on the web application with the use of the most popular configurations: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer.

These verifications are necessary to ensure the portability of the application. They mainly concern the appearance and functionality. The tests are performed on mobile media, yet only one version dedicated to this kind of support guarantees optimal compatibility.


The verification tests are carried out on the following environments:

  •      Google Chrome 18+ on Mac OS X 10.7
  •      Google Chrome 18+ on Windows 7
  •      Safari 5 + on Mac OS X 10.7
  •      Safari 5 + on Windows 7
  •      Safari 5+ on iOS 5+ (iPhone + iPad)
  •      Mozilla Firefox 12+ on Mac OS X 10.7
  •      Mozilla Firefox 12+ on Windows 7
  •      Opera 11+ on Mac OS X 10.7
  •      Opera 11+ on Windows 7
  •      Internet Explorer 7+ on Windows XP SP3
  •      Internet Explorer 8+ on Windows 7
  •      Chromium 21+ on Fedora 16+
  •      Konqueror 4+ on Fedora 16+
It is possible that minor differences in appearance, including body text interpretation, due to the browser interpretation, be noticeable between different environments. Some adjustements of the features can be made to accommodate outdated browsers or platforms. 


Additional Configurations

Additional Configurations

We can test your website on other configurations. This may involve some changes dedicated to optimize the application on these specific supports. For example, if you want your site to be compatible with Internet Explorer 6, this means forfeiting the use of images with a transparent background and giving up on a number of other features while maintaining maximum consistency between versions.