Web Site Development

Graphic Modelling

Graphic<br /> Modelling


Graphic modelling decides the visual and detailled graphic aspect of a web site. It comes in the form of a series of still images and allows to present graphically the structure of the web site. It is preceded by a discussion with the client to define the graphic axes that will govern the creative process and it can be realized from an existing graphic charter. Its realization can be executed linearly with the developing of a single axis, or by different steps of creation combining: research, development and finalization.


Two ways to proceed:

  • Linear creative approach: One semi-completed proposal, developed to the client's satisfaction. Then finalized during the HTML / CSS / Javascript integration. This solution works well in the context of a completed website.
  • Creative process in stages: Three semi-completed design proposals. A choice completed to the client's satisfaction. This creative approach is more relevant in the case of an order of a single model for a separate integration. It is also used in projects of a larger scale.

The transfer of creation rights is charged separately for a symbolic amount at the completion of the project.